Open Arts Space

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The Open Art Space:

 A 7-room house in Kaduna used as a cultural centre. It is located in Kaduna North, a quiet residential area with a cultural history. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a bedroom converted to a gallery, a kitchen, and an open living room that doubles as a performance space and study hall. It has a gated front yard with a plant canopy as an art space. Attached is a 2-room flat behind the main house—over 20 artworks on different mediums and themes for study, a collection of over 300 books for study. The Open Arts Space hosts a variety of shows, from photography and performance-based to literary events. The space is equipped to host 2 to 4 artists, providing the peace and tranquillity needed for more delicate works while being in a central location in a culturally charged city. There is easy access to the space from all over the city and places of intellectual gatherings nearby.